Moscow is ready to attract foreign investors for renovation


The Moscow authorities consider the possibility to attract large foreign investors to the subsequent stages of implementing the housing renovation program. This was reported on Tuesday by the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the Department for Foreign Economic and International Relations of the city Sergey Cheremin in an interview with TASS.

“If at the initial stage the city implements budgetary funds, then on subsequent it would be advisable and pragmatic to attract investors, including foreign ones,” the official said, “the program is very large, capacious and ambitious.” “Its implementation, continued Cheremin, “actually means the construction of a new city with a million population.” The program implies huge investments, according to various estimates, they can amount to more than $ 50 billion. In addition, it is not designed for a short time.
According to the head of the department, “there is interest in the program abroad”.

“This is shown by all our international conferences, road shows, where we present the city development strategy.As a rule, it is on it that a lot of questions are asked about regulatory nature, legislative nuances, financial issues, profitability, business calculations, he noted.

The Moscow authorities would be interested in Singapore’s experience in the field of construction and urban planning, Cheremin said. In particular, he noted “the introduction of energy-saving technologies, energy efficiency technologies of buildings.” According to him, “city authorities here take care of the environment, at the highest level, problems with household waste, with water treatment, water conservation” are being resolved.

“Despite the small geographical size, Singapore is almost completely self-sufficient, the introduction of various technologies allows them to ensure sustainable development, not only as a city, but also as a regional business and financial center,” the head of the department emphasized.

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